Residential Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panels are becoming ever more popular here in Southern California, especially in cities like Yorba Linda, Riverside, Irvine, and Los Angeles. When the solar panels are installed it is unlikely you were told there is maintenance involved as this is not a good selling point. But here you are 6 months down the line only producing 75% of what you were when the panels were first installed.

So why are you experiencing a loss? The panels convert the suns energy into electricity so the more sun that reaches the panels the more it has to work with. If there is a thick layer of dust, dirt, pollution and leafs blocking the sun out the production will be down. The solution to this problem is a good cleaning.

Who should do the cleaning? We have seen many system owners get on a ladder and hose the panels down but this is not good for a number of reasons. Firstly it is a danger to yourself. Getting on a ladder should be avoided. There are a little under 200,000 ladder related injuries in Yorba Linda Irvine and the entire U.S. every year. Secondly a hose will only wash off about 10-30% of the dirt off. The panels normally need a good scrubbing. Thirdly and very importantly, this will be damaging to the panels. If you hosed down your car every few months each time you would be leaving mineral deposits on the car. Over a few years this would be a thick white layer on the panels. It is quite easy to take mineral deposits from a car but not a solar panel. This white layer reflects the suns rays back drastically lowering the productivity. You can learn more about what not to do here.

How should it be cleaned? It should not be cleaned with soap, high pressure, squeegees, or anything that can scratch the surface glass. We use soft bristle brushes in Rancho Cucamonga and Mission Viejo along with super purifies water the safely and effectively clean the panels. You can learn more about the advantages of our green solar panel cleaning technology on our home page.




"Wow, I never thought that cleaning my panels would make this big a difference. Watson is the best, clean careful and I save big on my electric bill."

Steve Pohl (first cleaning 9/1/11)

"The company that installed our solar panels charged us $300 to clean the solar panels, and they used some soap on a cloth to clean them. I went up to look at their work and it looked awful. You guys charged less than half and this time when you were finished, the solar panels looked like they were new again."

Carlos - Temecula (first cleaning 8/11/10)