We are leading the way in Southern California for commercial solar panel cleaning. Our completed jobs range from small 350kw rooftop systems to 15mw ground mount utility systems. We have been pioneering the commercial solar panel industry for over 6 years. Our commercial customers range from small business owners to utility companies.

When looking for a solar panel cleaning company there are likely a few things that are important to you. Here are some things we are able and willing to do.

We are extremely conscious of the fragility of solar panels. We have heard of other solar panels cleaners walking on the panels and breaking them something, which we do not do.

We are willing to work around your schedule. Often commercial building needs to be completed on the weekends of at night to avoid disrupting customers.

Special requirements are sometimes needed for insurance, which we are happy to accommodate.

Some companies are difficult to reach but we have a almost 24/7 email response and a 8am-7pm phone response time.

A professional appearance is necessary for work on any commercial system. Have you ever seen someone working on a $5 million system wearing torn jeans? We always wear a neat uniform and act very professionally and wear minimum PPE.

A clean solar panel is more productive. Our green commercial solar panel cleaning technology will leave the solar panels clean for up to ten times longer than the methods used by other companies. That means 10x more productivity.

We are currently serving all commercial systems in Southern California and all utility sized systems in all of California and Arizona. 

With our experience and expertise commercial customers entrust us with their large investments. So please contact us here, or give us a call any time.

Our cleaning methods for commercial systems are different to our residential methods. As each system has it’s own set of challenges our cleaning methods adjust to meet those needs.