Cypress CA

Output increase: 19.54%

Name: Steve Pohl

Location: Cypress CA

Installation Type: Residential rooftop

Testimonial: “Wow, I never thought that cleaning my panels would make this big a difference.  Watson is the best, clean careful and I save big on my electric bill.  Thanks again Andrew." - Steve Pohl (date of clean 9/1/2011)


Before Cleaning 29.48 KWh




After seeing first hand the amount of soiling in Cypress CA we would recommend solar panel cleaning 2 times a year. Once at the beginning of summer, around April or May (depending on the rain) and again towards the end of summer around August or September. 

This is a general recommendation. If your solar system is located near a busy road, a dusty field, or factory, you may need more frequent cleaning.

Second clean - April 2012

Third Clean - August 31st 2012 10:30am


Now a new "real time" meter has been installed you can see the exact time of cleaning. from 10:00-10:30am you can see it is increasing but only by 0.02. but between 10:30-11:00am it increases dramatically due to the cleaning.

Testimonial: "Big improvement... Thank you Andrew" - Steve 8/31/12 2:32pm