San Bernardino County


While San Bernardino County is a great place to have solar panels, there is a disadvantage when it comes to solar panel cleaning in cities like San Bernardino, Rancho Cucamonga and Redlands. There is a large amount of smog, diesel soot, industry soot, and other air pollutants in these cities.

All the smog and pollution from LA, and Orange County is blown up by the daily onshore breezes and rest on your solar panels. This in turn reduces the efficiency by up to 50% and shortens the life span of the solar panels. Commercial solar systems in cities like Ontario California, Chino, Chino Hills, and 

Fontana are also affected by the high levels of air borne pollution, making solar panel cleaning ever more important.

What is the solution? Our Green solar panel cleaning technology will cleanse the solar panels -giving them a bath so to speak- washing away all pollution, dust, and bird droppings, bringing the efficiency back up to 100% and lengthening the life of your solar panels.

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One of Our Customers - San Bernardino County

One of our customer is San Bernardino County itself. We have been servicing the 336 solar panels on the Highland Sam J Racadio Library and Environmental Learning Center since 2011. 

They had experts examine the benefits of solar panels cleaning and found that the most reasonable schedule was to have them cleaned 5 times per year. Interestingly enough, the cleaning is only to take place during the summer months. Starting in April they are cleaned every month till September. What is the reason for this? San Bernardino County found that rain does a fairly good job in cleaning the panels so the cleaning is not as important during the winter. Also they realized that it is important to have the panels working great during the peek performing period. In other words, if a panel only produces half the electricity in the winter obviously a if it is cleaned then you will be saving only half as much as in the summer. While the changes in season are not that drastic here in San Bernardino County the same principle applies.