Riverside County

Riverside County is a great place to have solar panels. Solar panel cleaning is especially important in the desert areas like Riverside and Corona because of the dust that accumulates on the panels. At night the solar panels cool down and in the early morning there is a layer of moister on the solar panels. This layer of moister is a perfect resting please for dust. Therefore solar panel cleaning is required more frequently.

Some cities still have new construction like Corona, Beaumont, and Mira Loma. This causes a large amount of airborne substances that will find their way to your solar panels blocking out more of the suns rays. Cleaning in these areas essential if you would like 100% power from your photovoltaic (PV) solar panels.

Rural and desertĀ areas such asĀ Perris, Romoland, Palm springs, Palm Desert, and Winchester have even more dust that will reduce the efficiency, and would need regular solar panel cleaning.

If you have your solar panels cleaned by a professional like us you will immediately see the results. See for yourself, they you can decide how often you would like to set up the scheduled maintenance.