Orange County

Do like your solar panels are working hard for you to generate electricity while you relax. We offer solar panel cleaning. So, we make the solar panels work even harder for you by cleaning them!

Yes Solar panel cleaning increased the efficiency of the solar panels by up to 25%, and in some cases 50%.

In cities like Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, and Corona Del Mar, living by the beach is everybody’s dream. But there is a downside. Salt crystals attract not only degrade the PV solar panels but also give dust and other airborne substances something to stick to.

More and more businesses are going green by installing solar panels on rooftops in cities like Anaheim, Santa Ana, and Irvine. This is very commendable and is also very smart financially. The return on investment is very high, with little to no work needed. Solar panel cleaning is one of the only things needed for maintenance. Large solar system owners realize that regular cleaning will mean there payback for the system will come 3-5 years earlier.

Solarpanelcleaningorange.jpg   solarcleaningorange.jpg

The pictures shown above are from a customer in Orange. The solar panels were cleaned 2 months previously by a different company and the customer was very unhappy with the work. She said the panels looked very dirty after he "Cleaned" them. She was very happy with our services and will be using our services from now on.

Solar panel cleaning in the city of Orange close to Angel stadium in Anaheim.