LA County


Here in Los Angeles County we have about 329 days of sunshine per year. This means it is a great place to have solar panels cleaning, because you will have 329 days were you photovoltaic solar panels will be very close to 100% efficiency! Yes, at this rate you could not only be getting free electricity but also, you can sell the excess electricity back to the electric company making money.

You have spent a substantial investment on your PV solar panel system.  To maintain this investment, cleaning is needed. The same as buying a new car, it would be crazy to never clean it. Solar panel cleaning will lengthen the life span of the solar panels.

In coastal areas like Long Beach, Torrance, and Inglewood you need to have the solar panels cleaned because of the salt buildup that reduces efficiency.

Commercial building top systems in cities such as Los Angeles, Downey and Pasadena are ever more popular. These systems are regularly maintained. For example in Google’s official blog, they stated that after they had their 1.6MW solar panel system cleaned, they saw a overnight increase of 50% efficiency. This is about enough electricity to power 700 home every day.


There are a number of reasons why solar panels are very difficult to clean. In order to clean solar panels you normally need to climb on a roof, This is not only dangerous but also if you do not know how to stand on the tiles the right way you will break the tiles and when it rains you could get thousands of dollars in water damage.

Also the surface of the solar panel is not smooth like glass; it has the feel of frosted glass. This is difficult to clean because the water/dirt does not simply run off the solar panels; it stays on surface, leaving a muddy look when dry.

Our solar panel cleaning technology not only increased efficiency by up to 50% but, will also safely maintain your investment.

Our solar panel cleaning of Fox Studios Los Angeles: