Beverly Hills

Output increase form solar panel cleaning: 26.09%

Date of cleaning: 9/18/2012

Reading before cleaning: 4292W and after cleaning: 5412W



Concerns of the customer: He originally asked the installers for someone that did solar panel cleaning and was given the name of someone that they recommended. He got the price and had this person do the cleaning. One of the panels was dislodged from its fixing because it was walked on. He needed the installers to return and reattach the panel. He was told by some peers that the price he paid for the cleaning was way too high.

How we addressed these concerns: We do not walk on the solar panels. In fact we were very confused why the pervious cleaner walked on the panels to start with because they are set up in rows giving easy access in between each row. He was very happy with our price. We did not charge him a "Beverly Hills" price because of where he lives.

Last cleaned: About a year ago.

Recommended frequency: 1-2 times per year. As the customer can see his system from a nearby hill we asked him to keep an eye out on them and contact us when they start looking very dirty.